Personal care takes to the Internet


With the help of YouTube and Facebook, several beauty and personal care companies are proving that Internet marketing can indeed be quite successful. One prime example is Orabrush, which makes an FDA-approved tongue cleaner. Through a series of YouTube videos, Orabrush went from an online-only offering to now being sold in 20,000 drug stores, supermarkets, discount stores and supercenters.

Orabrush launched its campaign in 2009 with its original “Bad Breath Test” video, which now has more than 16 million views. The company also boasts a healthy following on Facebook with more than 300,000 fans. Since implementing its YouTube campaign, the company has become the third most subscribed sponsor channel on YouTube with more than 166,000 subscribers and more than 45 million channel views.

Meanwhile, making recent headlines with its witty YouTube commercial is Dollar Shave Club, a new e-commerce venture that offers a monthly subscription program whereby subscribers can receive — for about $1 a month — razor cartridges and a compatible stick, right to their door.

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