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P&G brands to serve 2016 Olympic athletes in Rio


RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil -- On the eve of the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Procter & Gamble is ready to serve athletes, moms and families from around the world throughout the games.

The company has opened the P&G Family Home event in Rio, where Gold Medalist and Tide Pods ambassador Nadia Comaneci was on hand during the opening event to officially welcome moms of athletes from across the globe including the United States, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, and the host country Brazil.

As the first gymnast to score a perfect 10, Comaneci discussed with moms how she not only redefined the sport of gymnastics, but elevated the expectations of female athletes around the world, a sentiment that she demonstrates in her role as an ambassador for the Tide Pods® Evolution of Power campaign.

“I didn’t go into the Olympic Games in 1976 to score a perfect 10, but learned I was powerful enough to do it,” Comaneci said. “It’s exciting to see how the sport has changed in the past 40 years, as female athletes evolve and continue to impress us all.”

As part of the opening, P&G brands offered complimentary services to all guests in attendance, including athletes, moms and families. Services included: hot towel shaves in barber chairs, hair styling, makeovers, and nail treatments, all courtesy of Gillette, Pantene, Aussie and CoverGirl. Guests were also invited to join the Always #LikeAGirl movement by recording a video encouraging girls around the world to ‘Keep Playing #LikeAGirl." This effort is part of the brand’s commitment to stop the drop in confidence at puberty, as sports are a known to be one of the top drivers of girls' confidence.

The event also included a showcase of Gillette’s recently launched anthem film, Perfect Isn’t Pretty - revealing the tough and often overlooked struggles athletes encounter in their pursuit of perfection.

U.S. Olympic Gold Medalists (Decathlon) Gillette athlete Ashton Eaton, a featured athlete in the film said, “Perfect Isn’t Pretty honors the hard work that we as athletes go through on our path to perfection - not just the end result, but the effort we put in from start to finish. As I continue this journey here in Rio, I’m grateful that P&G will be taking care of my mom here at the Family Home.”

The opening event concluded with a surprise performance from Olodum – the celebrated Brazilian marching band whose unique flair and percussion influence is featured in the soundtrack of Gillette’s Perfect Isn’t Pretty anthem film.

“We’re honored to be here in Rio at the P&G Family Home, where our brands support and serve athletes, moms and families on their Olympic Games journey,” said Phil Duncan, P&G Global Design Officer. “We know families never get thanked enough for the role they play on an athlete’s journey, so this is a way for our brands to say ‘thank you.’ We do this by not only offering beauty and grooming treatments, but we provide the comforts of home, including Tide laundry service and a place to relax and enjoy the Games.”

As the Proud Sponsor of Moms, P&G will host athletes and families from around the world at The P&G Family Home through the Closing Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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