P&G sues Ultreo claiming false advertising


CINCINNATI Procter & Gamble has filed a lawsuit against maker and distributor of “ultrasound toothbrushes” Ultreo alleging that Ultreo is misleading consumers and dental professionals through false advertising.

According to the lawsuit, the advertising falsely claims that the Ultreo Ultrasound toothbrush, with is ultrasound “waveguide” technology, creates bubbles that can remove plaque bacteria in the mouth. The company claims that the ultrasound feature and bubbles it creates can remove plaque that bristle action alone can leave behind.

In response to the suit, Ultreo issued a statement that read: “We deny the claims made by P&G regarding the way we market our patented ultrasound technology. Ultreo’s effectiveness is supported by strong scientific evidence including a variety of human clinical studies. The product is enjoying a groundswell of excitement from consumers and dental professionals alike. In a recent study, eight out of 10 consumers who used Ultreo said they would switch to Ultreo from their current power toothbrush. While we prefer to compete in the marketplace, we are prepared for a vigorous legal response to P&G’s complaint.”

In its lawsuit, P&G is seeking to stop Ultreo from making the alleged false claims and to issue corrective advertising and literature. P&G also is looking to recover damages for Ultreo’s alleged false advertising and unfair competition.

According to P&G, its own study showed that turning off Ultreo actually removed more plaque that using the ultrasound “waveguide” on, per the manufacturer’s instructions. P&G also claims that Ultreo has provided no clinical studies, where the toothbrush has actually been used by consumers, to support its claims that the ultrasound component of the brush removes plaque in the mouth.

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