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Playtex to offer manicure rebate as glove promotion


WESTPORT, Ct. Consumer products company Playtex is encouraging women to purchase and use Playtex gloves through its new “Free Manicure” promotion.

"Exposure to household chemicals and hot water makes your hands more susceptible to aging and ruins manicures. The help prevent this simply use Playtex Living gloves while doing household activities. Keep your age a secret, and get a free manicure from Playtex," stated vice president of marketing Jean Fufidio.

To participate, users can visit <a title="" href="" /> to download a $10 "Free Manicure" mail-in rebate certificate. Then consumers must purchase two pairs of Playtex Living gloves and keep the store receipt and the UPC bar codes on the boxes. After getting a manicure at the salon of their choice, consumers mail in the completed rebate form, along with the original store receipt for the Living gloves with the price circled, the two Living gloves UPC bar codes as proof of purchase and the salon receipt. Upon receipt, Playtex will rebate consumer up to $10. The offer is good through March 15, 2008.

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