Product-networking site launches


LOS ANGELES A new social product-networking site, dubbed Tibesti, enables users to earn cash by recommending their favorite products ranging from computers to motorcycle helmets to makeup.

The Web site,, launches at a time when many shoppers are looking for ways to earn extra cash because their work hours may have been cut, their salaries trimmed or their jobs eliminated altogether as businesses struggle through the economic crisis.

The site, which unveiled its public beta on Wednesday, combines social networking with products, and helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions through product reviews from experts. The product reviews span more than 25 categories, including pets, baby, gardening, beauty and personal care. In addition, shoppers have the opportunity to make 50% of the proceeds on products sold based on their personal taste and recommendations.

How it works: If someone comes to a user’s page and clicks on a shop link and then follows the link to make a purchase, Tibesti will receive a certain percentage (typically 5% to 10%) of the purchase. It then gives the user half of what it makes off that transaction. Tibesti distributes the money earned through its “myTibesti” program quarterly. It is issued as cash, not points or credits.

Some of the “favorite products” currently listed by users include Aveda Foot Relief cream and Christian Dior DiorShow Black Mascara.

“Tibesti was developed for people who are passionate about products,” stated Mike Hale, chairman, CEO and co-founder, Tibesti. “We are happy to share the wealth of the Web and pleased to provide users with a new way to earn money by championing their favorite products with like-minded individuals. In these tough economic times, we are not only giving users the opportunity to earn extra cash, but providing them with expert reviews of first-rate products to ensure their hard-earned money is wisely spent.”

Tibesti is free and will continue to add new reviews and features to the site in the coming weeks. The site employs a commission and limited advertising-based business model from third-party vendors including, Amazon and eBay.

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