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Real Techniques sends its brushes into space

Real Techniques found a way to get consumers talking about its products.

The brand, which is part of the Paris Presents brands, worked with the near space experts at Sent into Space, to send a helium balloon up into space containing its new Brush Crush Volume 2 collection. Ascending at a rate of 11 mph for 116 minutes, the limited-edition brushes traveled to an altitude of 36.338 meters with 19,000 meters being the official point that marks the boundary of space.

“It seemed only fitting to mark our latest out-of-this-world launch with an ascent out of the atmosphere,” Tiffany Kurtz-Sewall, global marketing director at Paris Presents, said. “Our second installment of the limited-edition Brush Crush collection not only has prestige application quality unlike any other beauty tools on Earth, or the rest of the cosmos but give you galactic good looks too!”

The line, which is inspired by a lunar color palette of icy silver and ombre violet hues, consist of the 300 Powder Brush, 301 Foundation Brush, 302 Blush Brush, 304 Fan Brush, 305 Shadow Brush, 306 Kabuki Brush and Cosmic Sponge Duo.

Further information on the line can be found on the company’s website or by following its social media accounts and checking the #RTBrushCrush and #RealTechnqiues hashtags.
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