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ReportersNotebook — Beauty Care, 1/9/12


SUPPLIER NEWS — The Mentholatum Co. has announced that an independent testing group has found its Oxy Maximum face wash to be an effective acne treatment at a great value and has endorsed it as a “bargain buy.”

Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine (December 2011 issue), tested Oxy Maximum face wash, along with Proactiv and AcneFree. Each topical acne product contains benzoyl peroxide; however, Proactiv and AcneFree both require a three-step process while Oxy Maximum is a single-step face wash. Testers reported no statistical difference between any of the products. Oxy Maximum face wash costs around $5 for a two-month supply, which led the magazine to endorse it as a “bargain buy.”


Brynwood Partners VI has acquired Newhall Labs — whose brands include La Bella, Monkey Brains and GroWorks — through its wholly owned subsidiary Golden Sun Holdings. Newall Labs will operate as an independent platform company. The move follows High Ridge Brands’ acquisition of Zest from Procter & Gamble in January 2011 and the Alberto VO5 and Rave hair care brands from Unilever in August 2011.


SAI Global has partnered with the Personal Care Products Council to create SAI Global’s Personal Care Manufacturing Assessment Program, a customized supplier training and assessment program designed to assist cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers and suppliers with good manufacturing practices.

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