Research examines which sunscreen brands are poised to win online


NEW YORK — With Memorial Day just around the corner, Clavis Insight, which monitors e-commerce performance for global CPG and FMCG brands, took a look at the sunscreen category to determine which brands were in the best position to capture online consumer dollars.

Its analysis included six online retailers — Amazon,,,, and — and focused on the search terms “sunscreen” and “sunblock.” Using data collected from late March through mid-April, the company examined who was winning Search, Ratings & Reviews and breadth of distribution

 Findings included —


  • Half of Rocky Mountain Sunscreen products, available at and, returned in the top 20 results against key category search terms at these retailers.

  • Walmart favors its own Equate sunscreen brand, placing 40% of these products in the top 20 search results against key category search terms.

  • Optimizing products to rank in the top 20 against key category Search terms and then consistently monitoring Search performance is imperative for online success. According to Millward Brown Digital, less than 30% of Amazon shoppers click beyond the first page of search results, so if a brand is not returning on the first one to two pages of key search term results, they aren’t “on shelf” for those consumers.

Ratings & Reviews:

  • Bain De Soleil is a consumer favorite, with all products reviews and rated highly.

  • Australia Gold and Hawaiian Tropic optimize their high reviews with broad distribution across all retailers in scope for the research.

  • Sunology, Bull Frog, No-Ad & Eltamd combine great search results with high reviews — a winning combination, according to researchers.

  • Retailer’s search algorithms give some weighting to ratings, the company stated, so it’s not unexpected for highly reviewed products to rank highly against category search terms.

Breadth of distribution: 11 brands had products listed at all 6 online retailers assessed — excellent breadth of distribution, according to researchers.