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Sephora introduces product review service for phones


Austin, Texas Beauty retailer Sephora is launching a new service that allows shoppers to browse product reviews on their mobile device when shopping in the store, according to Bazaarvoice, a provider of social commerce applications like Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews.

"We want to deliver the best client experience to our shoppers, wherever they shop," stated Julie Bornstein, SVP of Sephora Direct, which is launching MobileVoice this month at "MobileVoice allows us to amplify the voice of our clients by making reviews easily accessible through iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile devices at In-store shoppers can simply read the reviews written on any product, or use top-rated products as a guide, to select the right lipstick or blush."For retailers and manufacturers, MobileVoice extends of the benefits of a Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews implementation into the offline channel. Citing data from Rubicon Group, Bazaarvoice noted that consumers are 2.5 times more strongly influenced by customer review than a salesperson's advice, making the ability to access product reviews in the store extremely valuable."MobileVoice represents the new ability to access credible word of mouth on products and services from any location," stated Sam Decker, CMO ofBazaarvoice. "Now, there is a chorus of voices to share their experiences on any product that you pick up and look at. This is great news for shoppers and great news for retailers who need to drive sales in a tough climate by leveraging the content that matters to shoppers instead of increasing marketing or ad spend."

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