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Study: Sephora’s popularity among consumers is back on the rise

With numerous options on where to purchase beauty products, many consumers are choosing Sephora's shelves.

Recent data obtained by YouGov and Track show that young women in the United States have made the retailer their first pick when it comes to purchasing cosmetics.

The retailer’s recommended score, which asks shoppers if they would recommend the brand to friends or colleagues, has increased from a low 23% in May to 36% in July among those age 18-to-34 years old, according to the data.

When its score began to rise, Sephora announced an augmented-reality partnership with Facebook’s Messenger app, and plans to debut a clean product category that would feature products with unwanted chemicals and ingredients.

In addition, the retailer also recently announced in-store classes for those who are transgender or non-binary, and the celebration of its 20th anniversary with a two-day event in Los Angeles.

The latest wave of changes for Sephora seems to be connecting with shoppers, who have shown a 33% interest in shopping at its stores, as compared with the 24% surveyed back in May.
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