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Somersets shaving line announces U.S. debut


BOSTON — Somersets, a line of shaving and skin care products from the U.K. that made its U.S. debut earlier this year at NACDS Marketplace, has officially announced its arrived in the United States.

The brand’s launch in the United States is marked with the unveiling of 11 products and is supported by the launch of a new web site at

Products include Somersets shaving oils for women and for men, Somersets shaving gels, Somersets pre-shave face wash, Somersets pre-shave face scrub, after-shave face balm and after-shave moisturizer. Somersets products are formulated with a proprietary blend of such organic essential oils as lavender, tea tree and rosemary. 

Somersets has already been ordered by Duane Reade and Shopko and is available now at and The suggested retail price ranges from $6.99  to $14.99.


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