Study sees DermaLastyl reduce crow's feet

NEW YORK DermaPlus has announced that a third-party study found that participants who used its DermaLastyl anti-age skin cream had up to a 45 percent reduction in crow’s feet.

“Thirty-five subjects with visibly fine lines around the eye area participated in a 12-week study using our DermaLastyl anti-aging cream. The study was performed under the supervision of Dr. Steven Lamm, the ?house doctor’ on ?The View’ TV show,” stated Dr. Burt Ensley, chief executive officer of DermaPlus. “They were provided with a supply of the DermaLastyl along with instructions for use and were then image with a VISIA CR 2-D Digital Imaging Booth and a PRIMOS 3-D Profilometry Optical Imaging system by Canfield Scientific.”

A copy of the study is available to interested parties, the company stated.

DermaLastyl contains the human protein, Elastatropin, a synthetic form of natural elastin. According to the company, elastin, the second most abundant protein in the skin, is responsible for the elasticity of skin and organs, and its degradation is a well-known cause of wrinkles.

DermaLastyl is currently sold only online at but will be expanded to retail and department stores in the coming months.