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Ultreo releases extra-gentle automatic toothbrush


SEATTLE Ultreo, maker of several patent-pending toothbrush devices, announced the launch of its namesake automatic toothbrush earlier this month.

The company claims that the automatic brush was designed to gently brush teeth and also whiten them, if used properly for at least two weeks.

“Ultreo is the next big thing in oral health,” chairman of the Ultreo board of directors, Chris Somogyi, said. “It’s the first true advance in power toothbrush technology in more than 15 years.”

The purpose of a gentle-cycle brush, the company said, is to help users avoid over-brushing. In addition to causing discomfort, over-brushing can lead to problems such as gum recession and tooth abrasion, sources said.

According to a press release, Ultreo was released to dental professionals in spring 2007 and will be available to consumers soon. The suggested retail price per unit is $169.99.

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