Veet gears up to launch new depilatories


NEW YORK Veet is introducing a string of new hair-removal products for 2010, including a new range of Suprem'Essence to remove hair while caring for the skin.

The new Suprem'Essence products are formulated with a blend of essential oils and velvet rose fragrance. The suggested retail price is $6.50 for Gel Cream, $8.59 for Spray On and $10.69 for Gel Cream Pump.

The Shower Hair Removal Cream is now in a new 300ml bottle for $10.69.

There's also a new Sensitive Formula, which joins the existing Dry Skin variant.

In addition, Veet is packaging its Hair Removal Gel Cream in a new 200ml bottle for $6.50.

The new products will begin shipping in January.

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