Yardley London launches new line of shower gels, moisturizing bars


HARRISON, N.Y. — Yardley London, known for its botanical soap bars, has announced the launch of its new Skin Indulgence bath and shower collection.

"Yardley Skin Indulgence was developed for women who want indulgent boutique-style bath products but not the premium prices," stated Randy Sloan, Lornamead president. "Yardley's new line will uniquely deliver on that promise while providing additional eco-friendly benefits."

Skin Indulgence bath and shower gels feature a paraben-free, biodegradable formula that is packaged with 50% recycled materials in a built-in pump. New Skin Indulgence bath bars also feature eco-friendly packaging in the form of biodegradable, recyclable cartons, and are created with 98% plant-derived ingredients in a pure vegetable base.

The line is designed in vibrant colors, which stand out on retail shelves and look elegant on bathroom counters. The functionality of the shower gel structures, as well as the clean aesthetic of the design, are contemporary and appealing, the company stated.

This new collection began hitting retail shelves in May.

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