Yu-Be adds body products to skin care line


LOS ANGELES Japanese skin care line Yu-Be, which was first created in 1957 by pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari, now includes two new products: Yu-Be foaming skin polish and Yu-Be moisturizing body lotion.

The Foaming Skin Polish contains fine grains of rice bran and bamboo along with cleansing agents to create a foaming scrub that washes away dead skin.

Extracts of ginger root and ginseng tone and balance the skin, while green tea, geranium oil and camphor promise to provide a soothing, refreshing sensation.

Yu-Be’s Moisturizing Body Lotion is a non-greasy formula that works for hours to hydrate and retain moisture in dry skin, according to the company.

Yu-Be, which is manufactured by Yuskin Pharmaceutical Company in Japan, is available in the United States, Europe and Australia at such retailers as Sephora and Whole Foods.

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