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Blending balance: Nature Made’s new Wellblends line takes an interconnected approach

Pharmavite’s Rhonda Hoffman addresses how the new line of blends target specific sleep, stress and immune health needs.

These days, many Americans struggle to keep the interconnected systems of health in balance while they face numerous stressors.   

To help regain that balance, Nature Made will launch a new line that focuses on the key areas top of mind for consumers today: sleep, stress and immune health. Rhonda Hoffman, chief marketing officer at Pharmavite, told Drug Store News how the Nature Made Wellblends line is an opportunity to take a more lifestyle-focused approach in engaging with its consumers.

Rhonda Hoffman, Pharmavite
Rhonda Hoffman, chief marketing officer, Pharmavite

Drug Store News: Why has Nature Made decided to focus on addressing concerns of sleep, stress and immune health in 2022?

Rhonda Hoffman: These areas of health have always been important to Nature Made. We have traditionally supported them with single-ingredient products that addressed a singular need, such as vitamin C for immune support or melatonin to address sleep issues. The key insight driving Nature Made Wellblends is that our health is composed of multiple systems in the body working together. Keeping these interconnected systems — particularly sleep, stress and immune health — in balance is essential for achieving optimal wellness.

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DSN: How does the launch of Wellblends address the needs of today’s consumer?

RH: The last two years accelerated an already growing desire among consumers to manage their health by bringing the conversation around holistic wellness to the forefront. The challenge is that keeping this wellness cycle in balance remains elusive to a growing number of us. Recent studies indicate 70 million Americans suffer from sleep issues, 77% of Americans report feeling that stress affects their physical health and 60% report taking deliberate steps to support their immune system at least weekly. 

Our target consumer for Nature Made Wellblends strives for excellence in everything they do, but aiming to be great in all things can be incredibly difficult to achieve. Nowhere is this more evident than in maintaining their wellness routine and keeping their wellness cycle in balance. Understanding this interplay between these key health systems and the challenges consumers face in keeping their wellness cycle in balance, our science team refined the dose of each carefully selected ingredient to address specific needs in sleep, stress and immune health. 

“Being able to curate a set of solutions to meet particular needs allows consumers to better personalize their wellness routine.”

DSN: Tell us a bit about the products that will be included in the new line?  

RH: Keeping in mind that no two people are the same, our scientists studied the connections between sleep, stress and immune health to develop a full range of 13 targeted blends that support a consumer’s unique set of needs. Being able to curate a set of solutions to meet particular needs allows consumers to better personalize their wellness routine. For people who have a hard time falling and staying asleep, we offer Sleep Longer, a combination of melatonin, L-theanine and GABA in a tri-layer tablet that uses time-release technology to help provide just the right amount of melatonin at the right time so you can fall asleep naturally and sleep through the night. We also offer Immune & Respiratory, which provides advanced immune support through a blend of vitamins C and D3, and EpiCor, a clinically proven postbiotic that supports nasal health and respiratory wellness.

DSN: How will the company support the launch?

RH: We are so excited about this new line and are making a sizable investment to launch Nature Made Wellblends to make sure it’s front and center for consumers. Over the next several months, we will be executing a robust 360-degree plan that includes a national advertising campaign, special content partnerships, influencer engagement, digital marketing campaigns, public relations outreach and much more. We’re looking at Nature Made Wellblends as an opportunity for us to take a more lifestyle-focused approach in engaging with consumers.

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