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Beauty brings solid momentum into 2021

Will 2020 go down as a complete lost cause for the mass-market beauty business or a year that opened up new opportunities for some retailers and suppliers?

If you've got it, flaunt it: Rite Aid’s Store of the Future puts pharmacists front and center

Rite Aid’s new RxEvolution strategy for success is its Store of the Future, in which the intent is bringing pharmacists out of their customary place in the back of the store and prominently placing them front and center.

Rite Aid, DSN's 2020 Pharmacy Innovator of the Year, has made immunizations a cornerstone of its pharmacy approach. From flu shots to forthcoming COVID-19 vaccines, read how the company is positioning its pharmacists as a resource.

SeraLabs is doing all it can to stay above the fray and make shoppers and merchants comfortable with any quality concerns.

Social distancing, essential for reducing the spread of the coronavirus, also can prevent lice infestations.

Here is a look at the shining stars in the pharmacy technology and automation industry that are helping pharmacists juggle their responsibilities and the products and services they are offering.

Immunity products went from the back of the medicine chest to front and center, all in the time it took for a pandemic to sweep the globe. 

Ashton Maaraba, president of Bonum Health, talked to Drug Store News about how his company can help retailers improve consumer health.

No Fade Fresh’s founder and CEO, Leland Hirsch, discusses how the pandemic gave an opening for the brand’s products to get on store shelves.

This month, Drug Store News is highlighting the standouts of the generics industry dedicated to making drug cost savings possible, particularly at this critical time when the healthcare industry has been affected by COVID-19.

Steven Gimbelman, CEO and president of Designer Greetings, spoke to DSN about how its Card$mart program can help build sales at mass retail.

In the crazy world of CBD, you have to be prepared to walk the walk and talk the talk if you want to survive, and officials at HempFusion believe they are one of those companies.

DSN spoke with Psyche Terry, founder of UI Global Brands, about why the company is growing so quickly and what the future looks like.

Less well-known are the retailers that have carved out a niche in specialty pharmacy and are sprinting forward and experiencing less pain than their retail brethren that have not yet stepped into this rapidly growing and profitable arena.

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