Bond Pet Food intros animal-free treat bars

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Bond Pet Foods, a Boulder-based brand on a mission to create animal-free and protein-rich pet food with biotechnology, is rolling out its latest creation.

New to the brand’s portfolio is its Protein-Packed Dog Treat Bar, which is a snappable and portable snack, that looks to provide pets with supplemental nutrition.

“Bond is part of a progressive movement aimed at reducing the social and environmental impacts of what our pets eat through new protein and ingredient solutions,” Rich Kelleman, co-founder and CEO of Bond Pet Foods said. “With so much of our time currently spent at home with our four-legged friends due to social distancing, and this reality likely being a part of our lives for the foreseeable future, we're excited to be able to ship our products directly to the public so they can continue to prioritize balanced, healthy and sustainable nutrition for their pets.”

Created with a novel dried yeast protein, each bar contains 29% protein content, is free of peanuts, and are approved by veterinary nutritionists for high digestibility and palatability, the company said.

“With our proprietary approach, we're producing proteins that are nutritionally identical to their meat counterparts without the environmental, animal welfare and safety downsides,” Pernilla Audibert, co-founder and CTO of Bond Pet Foods said. “Utilizing microbial fermentation and the biochemistry of yeast, we're harvesting cultured animal proteins like chicken, turkey and fish, without the animal, and then using the ingredients as the foundation of our complete recipes. Products made with these meat proteins will be commercially available within the next three years.”

Bond Pet Food’s Protein-Packed Dog Treat Bars are available in packs of four 1.75-oz. bars that retail for $20 at