C4’s Smart Energy aims to support cognitive function


C4 is taking a whole new approach when it comes to its energy drinks.

As part of the Austin-based brand’s procedure towards this goal, it is introducing Smart Energy — a mental performance drink designed to support cognitive function, the company said.

Available in four flavors — cotton candy, peach mango nectar, electric sour and freedom ice — the beverages are without the use of sugar, calories and carbohydrates.

“Targeting above-the-neck performance, C4 Smart Energy gives us permission to bring authentic performance energy to a new audience while delivering expanded usage occasions that benefit our heritage consumer,” Aaron Heidebreicht, VP of FDMC and specialty North America for C4's parent company, Nutrabolt said. “Our launch partnership with GNC is a testament to our 10 years of performance energy expertise and credibility, and a clear signal that customers are seeking functional energy in all aspects of their life, both mental and physical.”

Designed to awaken super brain performance, Smart Energy’s formula contains cognizing, which is a patented and studied form of citicoline, and looks to support mental focus, attention and recall, the company said.

In addition, the beverage also contains InnovaTea, which is naturally derived from caffeine, made from fermented green tea leaves, and contains N-acetyl L-tyrosine for cognitive and mood support.

C4’s Smart Energy, which comes in 16-oz. cans, has launched at 3,500 GNC locations nationwide and will hit major grocery outlets in the near future.