AHD International markets all-natural, healthy coconut products


ATLANTA AHD International, a wholesale vitamin food supplement ingredient provider, plans on marketing coconut oil and coconut water, due to its recent partnership with RV Industries.

The coconut oil will target food products, while the coconut water will be mostly used in sports and functional beverages. Both coconut products are 100 percent natural, fat-free, low-calorie, chemical-free and a natural source of vitamin E. Coconut water’s nutritious attributes make it ideal for use in sports drinks; it provides potassium, calcium, Vitamin C and iron, which “naturally restores the body’s electrolytes,” according to the company.

The products do not require refrigeration and can also be used in cosmetic items, such as massage oils and hair products. The coconut line follows AHD International’s recent trend toward healthy products, such as its recent release of heart-healthy chia seeds, cranberry protein powder and high-grade brown seaweed-derived fucoxanthin.

“RV Industries has manufactured and provided our high-quality coconut products ­ shredded, flaked and granulated ­ to the U.S. market for nearly 30 years. Partnering with AHD International to distribute these two new coconut-based ingredients provides our company a great opportunity to reach new markets,” Robert Weschrek, general manager of RV Industries, said.

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