All brings Mighty Pacs to laundry care aisle


WILTON, Conn. — A small product is looking to change the laundry detergent category in a big way.

All announced the debut of its Mighty Pacs, which are premeasured doses of super concentrated detergent that help get out tough dirt and stains in a convenient, easy-to-use single dose pack. Sealed in a water-soluble film, All Mighty Pacs dissolve completely in hot and cold water to release the detergent with active All StainLifters.

“Consumers are always looking for solutions to simplify their lives and All Mighty Pacs help make doing laundry less of a chore,” said Michael Lyons, senior brand manager for All at Sun Products. “They deliver the same clean consumers love and expect from all and are as easy to use. Just place all mighty pacs to the drum of your washing machine, add clothes, and watch the stains come out.”

Available now, All Mighty Pacs are offered in a wide range of sizes, from a 10-count trial size to a 72-count package, as well as and two varieties: original and free clear.

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