Alpina Foods rolls out coffee-infused yogurt


MIAMI — Alpina Foods on Monday announced the launch of a line of yogurts infused with coffee. The yogurts — dubbed Alpina Café Selections — will include mocha, caramel macchiato, vanilla latte and coffee.

Alpina Café Selections use real Colombian coffee rather than coffee flavoring, making the product different than what’s currently on store shelves, according to the company. 


"Thirty-four percent of Americans drinks coffee, higher than soda consumption. Specialty coffee makes up a large percentage of this growth, which is why we decided to launch Alpina Café Selections," said Gustavo Badino, Alpina Foods' general manager. "We are always looking to innovate in the dairy aisle. Once we found a recipe that tasted just like the consumer's favorite flavor and were able to include actual Colombian coffee, we knew we had a unique product the consumer would want and enjoy.”


According to the company, Alpina Café Selections contain 12 g of protein, 0 g of fat and 30-50 mg of caffeine — equivalent to about half a cup of coffee. The yogurts are sold at select retail locations, including ShopRite, Shaw’s, Fairway Markets and Lowe’s Markets. The company plans to expand distribution of the product this summer. 

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