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Angry Orchard brings a less-sweet cider to shelves


WALDEN, N.Y. -- Leading hard cider brand Angry Orchard is introducing a less sweet, easy-drinking cider.

The brand's new Easy Apple offers drinkers a refreshing hard cider option in the Angry Orchard core collection that's both lower in calories and sessionable. The cider will be introduced in 6-packs beginning in August. Easy Apple will also be available nationwide in the Angry Orchard Fall Orchard Sampler Variety Pack.

With Easy Apple, drinkers will experience a hard cider that not only nods to traditional English dry ciders but also delivers a balanced flavor profile that will appeal to a wide range of drinkers, whether they're fans of popular ciders like Angry Orchard's flagship, Crisp Apple, or looking for a new easy-drinking alcoholic beverage to try. Easy Apple is less sweet, sessionable and refreshing, while delivering on the complexity of higher ABV ciders in terms of body and mouthfeel.

The hard cider industry has seen explosive growth over the past several years, as drinkers are embracing it as a refreshing, gluten free alternative to craft beer and wine. 

Easy Apple (4.2% ABV) is crafted with a blend of culinary apples including Braeburn, Fuji, Gala and Granny Smith, and bittersweet apples like Bisquet, Dabinett, Frequin Rouge and Harry Masters Jersey. This less sweet, easy-to-drink hard cider is apple-forward in taste and unfiltered, leaving it with a slightly hazy appearance and a refreshingly dry finish.

Angry Orchard Easy Apple will be available in 6-packs in select markets starting in August for a suggested retail price of $8.99 – $9.99 (price varies per market). Easy Apple will also be available nationwide as part of the Fall Orchard Sampler, Angry Orchard's seasonal variety pack 12-pack, beginning in August.


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