Anheuser-Busch goes greener by slashing landfill waste


ST. LOUIS Anheuser-Busch has announced that it will have reduced the amount of waste that its facilities send to landfills by 22 percent—or around 2,400 tons—from the previous year by the end of 2008.

The reduction in landfill waste is part of a company-wide effort to switch solid waste byproducts to recyclable materials, and cut down on excesses in packaging, reports said.

A-B has said that its plants are now reusing and recycling such items as aluminum, cardboard, metal, plastic strapping for cases, office supplies, pallets, plastic shrink wrap, and other materials.

A-B has also stated a commitment to reducing the greenhouse gases it produced to be about 5 percent less than levels recorded in 2005 levels by 2010 in all of its U.S. plants and facilities.

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