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Beverage Holdings acquires Bossa Nova


CINCINNATI Beverages Holdings, the parent company of the Sunny Delights Beverage, Very fine and The Elations LLC, announced that it has acquired substantially all the assets of Bossa Nova Beverage Group, a Los Angeles-based company that pioneered the superfruits segment of the beverage category with its original acai juice.

Bossa Nova’s product line includes the original acai juice, as well as a variety of fruit flavors. The company’s focus on sustainability for the endangered Amazon rainforest coincides with Beverage Holdings’ own sustainability efforts aimed to ensure a better life for consumers.

"The acquisition of Bossa Nova further accelerates our commitment to offer consumers more wholesome beverage choices," said Billy Cyr, Beverages Holdings' president and CEO. "We believe that combining our capabilities with the talented team who created Bossa Nova from scratch will further ignite the growth of this exciting, great-tasting brand."

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