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BluePrint Organic debuts innovative line of tea-infused energy drinks


LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. -- A leading brand in developing cold-pressed juices and juice drinks is launching a new line of tea infused energy drinks.

BluePrint says its new energy drinks infuse high performance tea ingredients, like guayusa, matcha and yerba mate to provide a "dual energy" source from caffeine coupled with superfood ingredients.

"BluePrint consumers regularly look to our family of products to help them power through their day," said Alex Galindez, General Manager, BluePrint. "Our new line of tea infused energy drinks really get you going and keep you going."

The BluePrint energy drink line consists of three varieties in 14-fluid ounce bottles:  guayusa, matcha and yerba mate. Each drink will sell for a suggested retail price of $2.99 per bottle.

BluePrint tea infused energy drinks incorporate superfood ingredients, such as turmeric, moringa and Lion's Mane Mushroom, that are known to elevate your spirits.  Sweetened with organic maple syrup, each bottle contains 45 – 50 calories, while caffeine is communicated via an "energy meter" on the bottle. 


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