Boo Koo works with Coca-Cola to launch beverage


ADDISON, Texas Boo Koo Holdings beverage company today announced it will collaborate with Coca-Cola Bottling Co. to release its new beverage, BooKoo Burner+. Coke Consolidated plans to distribute BooKoo Burner+ to more than 2,000 convenience stores in and around Mobile, Ala., Nashville, Tenn., and Panama City, Fla.

BooKoo Burner+ is an energy drink with added protein as well as B vitamins, caffeine, ginseng and taurine for energy. Its protein source is 20 grams of whey protein per serving. The beverage also boasts zero sugar and provides two carbohydrates.

“The launch of BooKoo Burner [plus] through one of the largest bottlers represents a significant opportunity to rapidly penetrate the energy beverage market,” Steve Solomon, chairman of Boo Koo, said. “BooKoo Burner [plus] is a revolutionary development for the energy drink category. In the past, some people drank an energy drink as well as a not so good tasting protein drink. BooKoo has mastered the formula to provide both energy and protein in a great tasting beverage.”

BooKoo Burner+ will be available in three flavors: “dangerine” [raspberry with a blend of tangerine], “main lime,” and “pummelgranite” [pomegranate blended with blackberry]. All flavors will come in 16-ounce cans.

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