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Bud, Miller battle out their rivalry with competing colors, new labels


ST. LOUIS & MILWAUKEE Anheuser-Busch will release Budweiser beer in new all-red packaging this summer and Miller Brewing has redesigned Miller Lite beer in all-blue bottles, coming to stores this month.

The new Miller Lite bottles will feature signature the beer’s long-time catchphrase “Great Taste/Less Filling.” The beer bottles will also get upgraded labels displaying the “4-Time World Beer Cup Gold Award Winner” title.

Bud beer labels have carried the new tagline, “The Great American Lager,” since 2007. The Bud label design will also change slightly; the old Anheuser-Busch eagle will be replaced with the words “Beechwood Aged.” The eagle will be moved to the red label on the neck of the bottle.

Budweiser has said the new packaging is part of the celebration for the 75th anniversary of the Budweiser Clydesdales.

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