Campbell’s improving value, quality, healthfulness of soups fro school lunches


CAMDEN, N.J. Today Campbell Soup Company announced that its North America Foodservice division is working to broaden school lunch options to be healthier and more value-driven.

Campbell has announced that several of its Healthy Request soups have been reformulated to meet the nutrition guidelines outlined by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation (a group effort between the William J. Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association). Ten Pepperidge Farm products, including Cheddar and White Cheddar Goldfish crackers, have also been added to the list of Campbell’s products which meet or exceed Alliance for a Healthier Generation guidelines. Featured selections are all free of trans fats and contain at least one grain serving per pack.

“We all want our children to eat well, even when we can’t be with them,” Sean Connolly, president of Campbell’s North America Foodservice division said in a statement. “When we send them off to school, we hope they’ll be able to find nourishing, affordable lunch options. Campbell's North America Foodservice is focused on wellness and value. We are proud to promote the benefits of our products that meet the Alliance criteria for calories, fat and sodium, and provide schools with more products that are affordable and exciting to children.”

Campbell’s soups for schools come in various 50-ounce varieties, including of lower-sodium versions of Campbell’s chicken and stars soup, Campbell’s mega noodle soup and Campbell’s vegetarian vegetable alphabet soup. These soups are low in fat and cholesterol, have 480 mg of sodium or less per serving and are under 100 calories per serving.

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