Cape Cod Potato Chips releases three new flavors


HYANNIS, Mass. Cape Cod Potato Chips has announced three new flavors added to its lineup, just in time for summer. They are buttermilk ranch, honey Dijon and sweet mesquite barbeque.

“Our quest was to find a rich gourmet flavor that offers the perfect pairing of America’s love for outdoor entertaining and people’s favorite snack-chips,” director of marketing for Cape Cod Potato Chips Heidi Daly Ford said in a recent statement.

Daly Ford continued, saying that the design team at Cape Cod experimented with many different flavors, revising combinations and conducting taste-tests for several months. She said that consumers seemed to favor mesquite barbeque-flavored chips, as well as buttermilk ranch flavor and honey Dijon.

In the United States, snack items have grown to become a $76-billion per year industry. Potato chips are the leading snack in the U.S. with the highest sales falling in the Memorial Day through Labor Day season. Cape Cod Potato Chips said that its products are popular at outdoor events, like picnics and barbeques.

Cape Code Potato Chips’ new flavors will enter major markets across the country this the summer. The 8-ounce bags retail for about $2 retail bags. All products are also available on the Cape Cod Potato Chips Web site,

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