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Caribou Coffee introduces Starlight, Eclipse coffees


MINNEAPOLIS — Caribou Coffee has broadened its portfolio with the introduction of two new coffees.

Caribou has rolled out Starlight, its lightest roast, and Eclipse, a bold, robust roast. Starlight is a well-rounded blend with hints of maple candy and ripe berries, grounded by a heavy body and notes of toasted grains and nuts. Meanwhile, Eclipse features bittersweet chocolate and cherries. featuring a finish that includes subtle spice notes reminiscent of cardamom and cloves.

"The coffee industry has largely been following the progression toward ever-lighter roast profiles as those become more popular with a large segment of coffee drinkers. But at Caribou, we recognize that focusing just on light roasts would do a disservice to our customers who enjoy a dark, robust cup of coffee," said Alfredo Martel, SVP marketing and product management. "We're bucking the trend by developing both ends of the flavor continuum while paying constant attention to the subtle nuances of flavor and the overall coffee drinking experience. In fact, Starlight and Eclipse are the bookends of our expansive roast profile, they are Caribou's lightest and darkest roast ever developed."

Starlight and Eclipse now are available in 1-lb. bags.

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