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Celestial Seasonings introduces eco-friendly coffees


MELVILLE, N.Y. Celestial Seasonings, a lead provider in organic teas, has unveiled a new coffee line for the start of the New Year. In addition to the promotion of its “100 percent natural” tea products, Celestial Seasonings is also using this new coffee line to promote health as well as awareness about the environment.

The Coffee line includes five distinct flavors: Morning Thunder, Decaf Morning Thunder, French Roastaroma, Caramel Mocha and Vanilla Hazelnut. All Celestial Seasonings coffee selections are U.S. Department of Agriculture organic and certified by Fair Trade—an organization that helps pull farmers out of poverty with fair prices, and opportunities for housing, healthcare and education.

The company’s decision to branch out into an organic coffee line, according to David Zeigart, acting general manager at Celestial Seasonings, was that market research found that “tea drinkers enjoy coffee several times a week, so we are providing them with a great-tasting, high quality option with Celestial Seasonings.”

The Celestial Seasonings organic coffee line incorporates unique ways to prepare the new coffee blend, as well as innovative ideas to help the environment. The coffee-making process includes roasting the beans indirectly with hot air to avoid burning the coffee beans, rather than using an open flame directly onto them. Adding on to its environmentally conscious theme for the brand, Celestial Seasonings coffees are also said to be “shade grown to promote a healthy environment for migratory birds in the region, and to support biodiversity that sustains rainforests.”

The coffee line will be nationally distributed at the beginning of the year, and is also available at the Celestial Seasonings website:

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