Charmin launches restroom app for on-the-go consumers


CINCINNATI — Charmin has launched a new and improved mobile application that provides users with the ability to search for and rate restrooms across the country.

Charmin said its SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder app — available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices — helps take the guesswork out of finding a clean public restroom, including those equipped with specific features, such as changing tables and handicap access, and now features a simplified rating system, an easier way to log in and share with others and a Spanish-language version. The original app, which was called SitOrSquat: Bathroom Finder, launched in 2008. A total of 119,000 restrooms are included on the new app, P&G said.

“Charmin doesn’t just help at home, but also when people are out and about and need it most. SitOrSquat helps families find clean and comfortable bathrooms wherever they go. Why should anyone have to settle for anything less?” said Laura Dressman, P&G external relations manager for the company's family care team.

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