Coca-Cola announces debut of new bottle design in select cities


BIRMINGHAM, Ala., and CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. Two U.S. cities will be the launch sites of Coca-Cola’s newly redesigned, “iconic contour” two-liter bottle, Coca-Cola Company has said.

Coca-Cola said that it selected Birmingham and Chattanooga to launch the contoured bottles because of their “long-standing loyalty to the soft drink,” and because bottler Coca-Cola United is located in Birmingham.

Coca-Cola also said the new “iconic” shape of the two-liter bottle was selected over a straight version in consumer tests. The company said that consumers reported the contoured bottle is easier to hold and pour from, and they said the new design would boost sales.

The new bottle debuts in stores today. All of Coca-Cola’s brands will soon be available in the new bottle.

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