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Crayons offers sports hydration for kids


BELLEVUE, Wash. Crayons, Inc., the maker of all-natural children’s sports drink, Crayons, has announced the launch of its line of fructose corn syrup-free sports drinks for young athletes.

“As a parent and kids’ coach, I’m thrilled to finally have a healthier sports drink option for the next generation of athletes,” chief executive officer of Crayons, Inc. Ron Lloyd, said. “There are 58 million thirsty kids, including my own, who are involved in sports. For the first time ever, kids can stay hydrated and get important nutrients with a drink designed just for them. We are confident that Crayons All Natural Sports Drinks will soon replace other sports drinks, juice boxes, and bottled waters.”

Crayons drinks contain electrolytes, vitamins and minerals—such as vitamin C and calcium—and are sweetened with all-natural, organic cane sugar. They also contain a small amount of sea-salt to help children absorb the hydration. Additionally, they are free of artificial colors and sweeteners.

Crayons All Natural Sports Drinks come in three flavors: breakaway berry, leaping lemon-lime and playoff punch. Each 8-ounce can contains 50 calories and has about 50 percent less sodium than other sports drinks.

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