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Daisy Cottage Cheese offers opportunity for a fresh refrigerator make-over


DALLAS Daisy Cottage Cheese kicks off their “Freshen Up Your Fridge” contest to help encourage Americans to clean their refrigerators of unhealthy foods and replace them with more fresh, all-natural products.

One lucky grand prize winner will receive a year’s supply of Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese, a new Whirlpool Latitude refrigerator and an exclusive in-home visit by a registered dietitian to help teach them about healthier foods for their refrigerators.

"So many Americans try to eat healthy, but don't realize that many foods contain unnecessary additives and preservatives," said Kim Galeaz, registered dietitian. "I'm partnering with Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese to show how simple it is to freshen up your refrigerator and choose more great-tasting, nutrient-rich foods, like Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese."

Entries are now being accepted until Aug. 31, 2009. Consumers can log on to to enter and share why and how their eating habits could be improved through a fresh refrigerator makeover.

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