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Del Monte introduces two fruit products, encourages healthier families


SAN FRANCISCO Del Monte Foods on Thursday announced two new fruit products focused on helping families achieve a healthier lifestyle in the New Year. Del Monte Healthy Kids is the first fortified canned fruit product for children that provides vitamins A and C and calcium, while Del Monte Lite 100 Calorie Fruit provides an on-the-go snack that has fewer calories.

“Del Monte Healthy Kids and Del Monte Lite 100 Calorie Fruit make it easier for today’s busy families to get the fruit they need, while helping them reach their important health and wellness goals in 2008,” said Apu Mody, senior vice president, Del Monte Consumer Products.

Del Monte Healthy Kids is available in peach and fruit cocktail varieties. Del Monte Lite 100 Calorie Fruit cans are available in sliced cling peaches, pear halves and fruit cocktail offerings. As with most of Del Monte’s products, Del Monte Healthy Kids and Del Monte Lite 100 Calorie Fruit products are preservative-free and packed in extra light syrup.

In addition to offering new products, Del Monte is joining forces with StarKist to empower families to live a healthier, more energized lifestyle in 2008 with the Just One More for Health Living pledge. The pledge challenges families to add one more daily serving of fruits and vegetables, one more weekly serving of lean protein such as tuna and one more physical activity each day in the New Year. For more information, visit or

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