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Don’t forget the pharmacy front end

While the checkout area at the front of the store is most often the focus for stimulating impulse sales for stores that have pharmacies, there is a secondary opportunity to grow incremental sales.

Many people who come to pick up a prescription want to get in and out of the store and forgo shopping the aisles. One study found that a significant number of prescription consumers buy nothing else on that trip. This fact, experts noted, represents a significant opportunity for impulse merchandising at the pharmacy counter.

Featuring additional items shoppers might need, whether an OTC pain reliever, magazines, tissues, puzzle books, thermometers, vitamins or cough drops, can be an ideal way to capture impulse buys.

Don’t overlook the counter area. This can be a great spot to highlight a “Pharmacist Recommended” product of the week or to feature smaller, convenience-based items. Experts said retailers who use their pharmacy front ends to showcase that popular items experience a marked uptick in sales.
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