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Dr Pepper creative campaign changes hands


NEW YORK Y&R, the company that has held the Dr Pepper family of beverages for nearly 40 years, has handed over the creative account to Interpublic Group, Deutsch Los Angeles. But Y&R, San Francisco, will keep hold of accounts for other Cadbury Schweppes beverages, A & W root beer, Canada Dry, Diet Dr Pepper, Sunkist and 7UP.

According to sources, Y&R managed Dr Pepper since 1969. But recently Dr Pepper asked for more from creatives and made it clear it was looking beyong Y&R.

Spokespersons from Dr Pepper have said that the brand began looking for a new creative company in February.

Senior vice president of Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages, Sean Gleason, said in a release, “We looked at a number of agencies, and each of them brought its own unique vision to the project. However, the Deutsch L.A. team brought an approach that quickly grew into more than a project. Much more. We feel we have an exciting new campaign for Dr Pepper.”

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