EatingWell launches better-for-you frozen food line


NEW YORK -- There's a new addition to the freezer aisle that features ingredients selected specifically for those consumers seeking better-for-you meal options with sophisticated flavors.

The new EatingWell line of frozen entrées includes eight meals such as Cherry Port Pork, Indian Inspired Chicken, Vermont Cheddar Mac & Cheese, and Korean Inspired Beef. The meals each start with one cup of vegetables; 13 or more grams of protein; chicken, beef or pork raised without antibiotics; and whole grains. Each meal is free of artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, MSG, and hydrogenated oils.

Unique to the EatingWell line of frozen entrées is its first-of-its-kind Fresh-Seal packaging. The cut-away carton provides a clear view of the enclosed meal, which is hand-placed on a black plate and vacuum-sealed in a self-venting film to maintain freshness, reduce freezer burn, and improve shelf life.

"We are excited to officially launch EatingWell frozen entrées and to fill a long-existing void in the marketplace for delicious, authentic and convenient frozen food products that fit consumers' healthful lifestyles," says Jeff Tuttle, SVP of Innovation with Bellisio Foods. "We strongly believe consumers will respond favorably to our meal choices, our ingredient selection, and the EatingWell brand name, plus the degree of transparency we're bringing to market, from packaging to ingredients."

EatingWell frozen entrées are now available at retailers nationwide.


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