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Exotic fruit juice line launching in U.S.


RAMSEY, N.J. -- A leading beverage brand in Europe and the Middle East is launching a no sugar added line of its exotic juice beverages in the United States. 

Rubicon Exotic Juices says its beverages are crafted from fruits sourced from all over the world, specifically Ecuador, India, South America, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam.  Each serving of juice contains 100% of the Daily Value of vitamin C. 

The no sugar added line highlights the brand’s message of “Making Life More Exotic” by offering six of its iconic flavors: Mango, Lychee, Guava, Guanabana (Soursop), Pomegranate, and Passion Fruit.  

“The Rubicon team is excited to launch our No Sugar Added line in the United States with no artificial preservatives, colorings, or sweeteners,” said Bill Sipper, managing partner at Cascadia Managing Brands.  “We are always looking for new ways to address consumer preferences and demands.  The No Sugar Added line provides consumers with exciting juice flavor options sweetened only by the natural sweetness of the fruit itself.”

Rubicon Exotic Juice beverages will initially be available at retailers in the New York City area.  

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