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Farm Rich unveils collection of new frozen snacks

Farm Rich is expanding its portfolio in a major way.

The St. Simons Island, Ga.-based company announced the launch of six new products that can be found in the frozen foods aisle. New launches include:

  • Grilled Cheese Sticks, which are made with American cheese on white bread and come in a 17-oz. carton that retails for $6.99;

  • Hand Pulled Pork Sliders, which contain 13 g of protein per serving and feature hickory smoked pork with sweet and spicy BBQ on a roll. A six-pack carton retails for $5.98;

  • Sweet Onion Jam Sauced Meatballs with Bacon, a limited-edition item that contains bacon that’s complemented with a tangy jam sauce. The product comes in a 32-oz. bag with 42 meatballs and an 11-oz. sauce pouch that retails for $6.98;

  • Hand Pulled Pork in Honey Bourbon BBQ Sauce, which is smoked for eight hours, covered in a honey bourbon barbecue sauce and can either be warmed in the oven or microwaved. Each 16-oz. carton is priced at around $5.98;

  • Pork BBQ and Sauce with Chorizo Style Seasoning, which contains hand-pulled pork with a chorizo-style seasoning and comes in a 16-oz. carton that retails for $5.98; and

  • Bean Dip Bites, which are made with mozzarella cheese, pinto beans, red and green jalapeños, diced tomatoes, and green onions. Each 16-oz. carton also contains a salsa dipping sauce and retails for $6.99.

“Customers are showing more and more interest in bold flavors and distinctive offerings from the frozen foods aisle,” Shannon Gilreath, Farm Rich director of marketing, said. “All of these new items are delicious, innovative and pack fun flavors with less fuss and time spent in the kitchen.”
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