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FDA warns consumers not to eat two brands of pistachios


ROCKVILLE, Md. The Food and Drug Administration has warned consumers not to eat two brands of pistachios that may have mixed with pistachios recalled earlier this year amid a Salmonella scare.

The FDA said Anaheim, Calif.-based Orca Distribution West received and repackaged pistachios by Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, which were recalled when supplies were found to be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. The pistachios are sold under Orca’s California Prime Produce and Orange County Orchards brands in 6 oz. Ziploc bags, with the UPC number 8 10826 01116 2 and sell-by dates of July 30 and Aug. 30.

The FDA and California Department of Public Health launched an investigation of Setton in March when Kraft Foods reported that its Back To Nature Trail Mix had Salmonella, prompting Setton to voluntarily recall about 1 million lbs. of pistachios. The FDA found the recent contamination at Orca during a routine audit to follow up on the Setton recall.

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