Febreze teams up with Macaroni Kid, Operation Gratitude


CINCINNATI — Febreze has partnered with Macaroni Kid and Operation Gratitude to send 60,000 Febreze Set & Refresh products to U.S. Military Service members this Valentine's Day.

Febreze’s partnership with Macaroni Kid and Operation Gratitude is an extension of Febreze’s Breathe Happy campaign, which highlights how Febreze products can transform the air so anyone can "breathe happy."

“Valentine’s Day is a great time to show our nation’s troops and their families our appreciation by helping them breathe happy wherever they may be,” Febreze external relations manager Jeff Pierce said. “We hope that these care packages and products bring comfort to those serving overseas and encourage all Febreze fans to visit the Facebook page to participate through a virtual donation to the troops.”

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