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Folgers cuts coffee canister weight


NEW YORK Procter & Gamble, the sellers of Folgers coffee, said that it has reduced the weight of canisters from 13 ounces down to to 11.3 ounces as part of the company’s move to more “green” coffee production. The lower weight canisters are already on retailers’ shelves across the country at the same price, a company spokesman said.

The company said that the lower weight is a result of a different way of roasting coffee beans that has been tested for at least 10 years and is just as effective as the former method of roasting. Every can will of Folgers coffee will still yield 90 cups, the company added.

“This is not changing the end result to the consumer,” P&G spokesperson, Jen Becker, told the media. “We have an enhanced roasting process that actually derives more flavor from each bean and the roasting process actually makes the beans and the grind lighter.”

In June, J.M. Smucker Co. announced its plans to buy Folgers from P&G.

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