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Frito-Lay launches 'Inspire Us' contest in line with campaign


PLANO, Texas Since launching this spring, Frito-Lay's "Only in a Woman's World" multimedia campaign has humorously addressed those "that's so true moments" that women relate to by chronicling the adventures of four animated friends. Now, Frito-Lay is asking women to "Inspire Us" by submitting their own funny stories online for a chance to have their stories made into an animated "Only in a Woman's World" webisode.

"Women tell us they love and relate to the stories we depict in the 'Only in a Woman's World campaign,'" said Becky Frankiewicz, VP portfolio marketing, Frito-Lay North America. "But we know it's in a woman's nature to share. So, now we are giving our fans the opportunity to share experiences that entertain and unite us in the spirit of sisterhood."

"Inspire Us" contest participants may submit up to five funny stories to, now through Aug. 17. The winning story will be made into an animated webisode, which will premiere this November. In addition, the winner will receive a "girl's weekend" to New York to watch the recording of her webisode.

The "Only in a Woman's World" multimedia campaign explores what's top of mind with women through light-hearted, comical videos, comic strips, interactive online games and shareable e-cards.

Through its multimedia campaign, Frito-Lay has rolled out a portfolio of products developed specifically with women in mind. These include SmartFood popcorn clusters, which give women the indulgent flavors they love, and also fiber and calcium -- nutrients they often don't get enough of. New Baked! Lay's Southwestern Ranch potato crisps and Flat Earth Spicy Salsa baked veggie crisps both use innovative technology to bake spices or dried vegetables into each crisp, which delivers great flavor without increasing fat content. For those women who love Frito-Lay's most popular brands, Frito's corn chips will now join the list of products available in 100-calorie packages. Like many snacks in Frito-Lay's portfolio, SmartFood popcorn clusters, Flat Earth baked veggie crisps and Baked! Lay's potato crisps come in the convenience of portion-controlled, 100-calorie packs.

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