Gatorade extends its lineup with functional reformulations of Tiger sports drinks


CHICAGO Gatorade is undergoing a health makeover, announced PepsiCo at this week’s National Association of Convenience Stores show in Chicago. The company will be releasing a more wholesome way to “quench your thirst” with a reformulation of Gatorade’s Tiger line of sports drinks. The line, which will be subtitled “Focus,” is to include functional ingredients that improve mental acuity.

Gatorade plans to take their health strategy further with Be-Strong, their protein-drink that competes with brands like Muscle Milk and Labrada Lean Body On The Go. The morning drink, Gatorade AM, is to be renamed “Shine” and will include non-caffeine energy ingredients.

Until this point, Gatorade had not strayed far from the sugar-packed water recipe with which it began in 1965. The only exceptions to this have been recent: the March debut of Tiger, which has more electrolytes than other Gatorade products, and last year’s release of the G2 extension with less sugar. Despite decades of the same basic formula, Gatorade remains the leader in sports drinks and is endorsed by the National Football League, Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association, among other major professional and collegiate organizations.

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