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General Mills introduces gluten-free Rice Chex


MINNEAPOLIS General Mills last week announced that it has altered Rice Chex cereal slightly so it is now gluten-free.

The company said that it only has replaced the barley malt syrup in the cereal with molasses, and the original flavor is the same.

General Mills also said that the company has taken steps to ensure that during production there no products containing gluten come in contact with Rice Chex, and the new assembly line follows FDA standards.

"General Mills and Chex recognize the growing consumer demand for gluten-free products and we're pleased to make Rice Chex, a classic American breakfast offering, available to more people,“ said Rohan Thakur, Chex cereal marketing manager. “We are also proud to partner with Celiac Disease Foundation to further generate awareness for celiac disease."

New gluten-free Rice Chex will soon be available nationwide, the company said.

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