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GoodBelly introduces fruity probiotic drinks


BOULDER, Colo. NextFoods, the new company founded by natural foods guru Steve Demos, has announced the launch of its GoodBelly and GoodBelly Multi health fruit drinks.

Launched by organic and natural foods pioneer, Steve Demos, GoodBelly fruit drinks contain probiotics—live bacteria that help control the balance of certain organisms called microflora that reside in the intestinal tract. These live organisms have been shown to help digestion and provide comfort to people in processing foods.

The namesake GoodBelly Probiotic fruit drinks will be available at Whole Foods Markets across the country this month in a 32-ounce quart container. They come in three flavors; black currant, cranberry watermelon and mango and retail for about $3.99.

GoodBelly Multi Probiotic fruit drinks also come in three flavors—blueberry acai, peach mango and strawberry rosehips. GoodBelly Multi will be sold in 2.7-ounce single serving bottles for around $4.49 per 4-pack.

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